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Psychological Aspects of Diabetes

This section discusses the psychological implications of living with chronic illness. Being diagnosed with diabetes and living with diabetes can sometimes feel overwhelming. In this section of the website you can find out more about how diabetes may affect your emotions and how you feel.

Local support groups

Talk to someone


This site is designed to help you think about emotional problems and work towards solving them. Emotional problems are often the mind and body's way of saying that something needs to be changed in our life.
Author: NHS
Resource Link: Moodjuice
Last date of review: 03/11/2015

Mindfulness for mental wellbeing

Are you aware of the concept of Mindfulness, sometimes also called "present-centredness" for more information follow this link
Author: NHS.UK
Resource Link: Mindfulness for mental wellbeing
Last date of review: 07/08/2015

Stress, anxiety and depression

Whatever you need to know about coping with stress, anxiety or depression, or just generally improving your emotional wellbeing, the NHS Choices Moodzone is here to help. It offers practical, useful information, interactive tools, and videos to support you on your way to feeling better.
Author: NHS
Resource Link: Stress, anxiety and depression
Last date of review: 03/11/2015

Living life to the full

The Living Life to the Full course is a life skills course that aims to provide access to high quality, practical and user-friendly training in life skills. The course content teaches key knowledge in how to tackle and respond to issues/demands which we all meet in our everyday lives
Author: LLTTF
Resource Link: Living life to the full
Last date of review: 22/02/2016

Action on depression

In Scotland, an estimated 1 in 5 of us will experience depression. This means 1,250,000 people living in Scotland will be affected. Potentially 500,000 Scots are currently experiencing varying symptoms of depression and half of these will not have any help or support.
Author: Action on depression
Resource Link: Action on depression
Last date of review: 10/05/2017

Scottish Recovery Network

SRN is a non-profit initiative working to achieve a Scotland where mental health recovery is a reality for all. We believe that people with experience of mental health problems and those around them should expect recovery and that recovery values and principles should form the basis of how, as a society, we approach mental health issues.
Author: SRN
Resource Link: Scottish Recovery Network
Last date of review: 22/02/2016

Mental Health & Wellbeing

This section contains information on different types of help available to you, such as support organisations, different types of talking therapy, self-help tools and medication for mental health conditions.
Author: NHS Inform
Resource Link: Mental Health & Wellbeing
Last date of review: 10/05/2017

Testimonial videos

People talking about their experiences with diabetes and the care they have received.
Author: my diabetes my way / Diabetes Care Focus Group
Resource Link: Testimonial videos
Last date of review: 07/08/2015

Depression testimonial

In this video Shazia, a type 1 diabetic from Glasgow, talks about her experiences of depression and the care she received.
Author: my diabetes my way / Diabetes Care Focus Group
Resource Link: Depression testimonial
Last date of review: 07/08/2015

Diabetes Search Engine

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