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Your Information


The first screen shows your personal and diabetes diagnosis information. The links on the right side of the screen are tailored to your condition.


Wherever you see the blue question mark Detailed information icon you can click on it to show more detailed information about what a result is used to measure. The following example explains what is meant by "BMI".


The "my lifestyle" section records information on your physical measurements, smoking status and your food diary.


The "my test results" section shows the results of blood tests and blood pressure readings.


You can also click the history links to see how your results have changed over time. The graphs Graph show ideal target values where appropriate and the tables tell you where your results were recorded.


The "Target Chart" target chart shows how close you are to achieving the "ideal" measurement for HbA1c, Cholesterol, Body Mass Index and Blood Pressure.


Your eye measurements are shown under "my eye screening".


The "my foot screening" section shows details of your foot measurements.


The "my medication" section lists all the prescriptions that have been given to you by your doctor.


By clicking on the links shown under the "Drug Name" you will be shown information about the medication and what it is used to treat.


The "my diary" section shows you details of your appointments at hospital clinics and at the retinal screening service. Please note, this does not include details of appointments at your doctor's surgery. There is also the ability to add your appointments.


When adding an appointment to your diary, fill in the nessacery feilds before submitting the forms. This is for any diabetes checks in your General Practice.


This page contains some reports on your medical data to allow you to easily print them off for discussion with members of your healthcare teams, or as a reminder for yourself when you are not 'online'.


This report shows your latest key results alongside graphs to see changes recorded over time.


This report shows a summary of all of your home-recorded results. This may be useful for discussion with members of your healthcare team. For example, you may find that your blood pressure is lower when you are not due to see your doctor!


This report shows a checklist covering the key areas of care you should expect to receive each year. You can use this list to follow-up missing tests and to make sure you're getting all the care you need.


This report shows your food diary entries for a set period of time. You can select a period of time from the drop down menu on the left hand side which ranges from the current day to all of your entries.

If there is a certain date range that would wish to see you can enter in these two dates in the calendar boxes and then click "load food diary report". This will give all the entries you have provided through the duration of these two dates.


The 'my correspondence' section shows letters that have been send by your hospital doctor to your GP. At present, some clinics have opted not to share letters with My Diabetes My Way. For an update on the status of your hospital clinic, please contact the project team.