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My Diabetes: Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I access my records on my iMac?
A: We have been made aware an issue with the Safari web browser when connecting to secure areas of My Diabetes My Way on certain iMacs. This problem only appears to be an issue on the iMac, as the website continues to operate as expected on other Apple devices, all of which use Safari. We have spent some time trying to identify the cause and why this has suddenly become an issue when it wasn't a problem before. It has been suggested that a recent update by Apple may be responsible. While we continue to work on a solution, you can regain access by using Chrome or Firefox, two alternative web browsers freely available from the Apple App Store. If you need help with this, please let us know.

Who do I contact if I can't log in?
A: Any problems with your User Name or Password then please click here.

Can I register with the same email address as my husband/wife/parent/child, etc?
A: We have been made aware that some users of My Diabetes My Way share email addresses with someone else. For example, a husband and wife, or parent and child signing up to use the system. Sharing email addresses in this way is not advised, particularly if you want to change your username to your email address. Email addresses can only be used for one user account, so if you want to update your username, please make sure that you have an email address that only you can access.

My registered GP is shown as "Dr Smith", but my doctor is "Dr Jones". Can you correct this?
A: After investigation, it has become clear that some practices allocate patients equally between all of their registered doctors. This means that the GP associated with you on our system may not necessarily be the GP who you regularly see. As GP registration details are provided to us by a national administration system there is, unfortunately, nothing we can do to change this. You may, however, wish to raise this with your doctor the next time you visit your health centre or surgery.

I have recently moved house - can you update my address information?
A: We receive updates to address details from central NHS systems. If you have informed your GP of your address change, then this information will filter through to us shortly.

Why is my eye data missing?
A: Some users have queried a lack of eye data on the system, where it seems to stop at a specific date and is not updated. After investigating this it has become clear that if you have been referred to the specialist ophthalmology service (eye clinic) for your eye care, our systems do not have access to any information that is recorded. We are currently investigating ways in which we can source this information to keep the results up-to-date.

If my GP wishes to charge me for signing my enrolment form, can you reimburse my fee?
A: If you find that your chosen healthcare professional wishes to charge for a signature, you may wish to approach another member of your healthcare team. Unfortunately we cannot reimburse any charges you encounter.

Can my council tell that my registration with the "My Account" is linked to My Diabetes My Way?
A: No, your council cannot tell that you are registered as a user of My Diabetes My Way. They may know that you have registered with the "My Account" System, but have no sight of the specific services that you are registered with. These may also include the National Entitlement Card and other public services, in addition to My Diabetes My Way.

I received confirmation that my enrolment was complete but have still not received my username and password. Is there a reason for this?
A: Usernames and passwords are currently sent out in batches every 2-3 weeks as it can sometimes take a week or two to have the details securely generated, printed and sent out. We are actively working to improve this for the future.

Why do I need to supply my details when registering?
A: We need to know certain details about you when you sign up to use the service so that we can make sure that we can identify you on NHS systems and link your account to your own information. You can enter this information using the secure registration form. We only ask you to supply these details once and will never pass them on to any third-parties.

What should I do when I am finished using the system?
A: To maximise your security online, you should always click the 'logout' button in the top right of the screen. Once you have done this, close your web browser by clicking the 'x' in the top right corner.

Are there any times when I will not be able to view my information?
A: Every Tuesday evening between 5pm and 7pm, there is a scheduled maintenance period. During this time it may not be possible to access your information. We will notify you of any periods of scheduled downtime outwith this regular window.

What does "case-sensitive" mean?
A: This simply means that when you enter your username or password, you must enter them as they have been sent to you. For example, capital letters must be in capitals and lower-case letters must be lower-case.

If I have a problem, who do I contact?
A: Depending on the nature of the problem, there are three possible routes we will guide you down:

  1. User Details: If you have a problem with your user name or password, the "My Account" will resolve this for you.
  2. Technical Issues: If your data is not updating, is inaccurate or there are problems with the website, then My Diabetes My Way will look after these issues.
  3. Health Care Questions: If you have a question about your clinical information, then you should contact your usual health care professional
There will be a feedback form to allow you submit comments on the website, or to guide you on what to do next.

My GP is based in one health board but my diabetes Consultant is based in another where I used to work. Will I have access to both sets of records or only my GP records?
A: We would aim to provide the full record if that is possible. If not, then it is likely that your GP will have a copy of your hospital data recorded anyway.

Can my health care professional refuse me access to my information?
A: Everyone is entitled to have access to their own information but your health care professional may not feel comfortable signing the 'enrolment form' without knowing more about the system. If this is the case we would be happy to discuss the project with them further on your behalf. We will provide you with a 'Staff Information' leaflet to give to them when you make your request.

Why does my health care professional have to verify my identity?
A: The "My Account" requires confirmation from My Diabetes My Way that everyone who has signed up to the project is who they say they are. This saves you from having to provide proof of identity documentation.

How often will my information be updated?
A: Normally this should happen within a couple of days of any appointments you have. It will depend on how long it takes for results to be recorded onto a computer systems that links to your diabetes record.

What is the "My Account" and why is it needed?
A: The "My Account" is a Scottish Government initiative which aims to give people in Scotland access to their public service records. Although it has mainly focused on working with councils to begin with, My Diabetes My Way is the first project from the NHS to become involved. The "My Account" provides the user account details (user name and password) for you to access your diabetes data.

Why do some of my records show more than once in the "history" tables?
A: My Diabetes My Way takes records from your GP surgery, hospital diabetes clinic, labs and other data sources. In some cases, these results may end up in all of these systems, meaning that we receive multiple "copies". We're working on filtering out duplication and showing what we believe to be the "best" records, but this work is still ongoing.