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Before your appointment

Once you have received confirmation of your appointment date check that you are able to attend.

if you cannot attend call and reschedule

attend appointment

At your appointment

The screener will check your visual acuity then a photo is taken of the back of your eyes.

The screener then checks that the photos are good enough for grading.

if this photo isn't
clear enough

If the photo is not good enough for grading drops are then put into your eyes and another photo is taken.

if the photo still
isn't clear enough

Another appointment

If the photo is still not good enough you will be asked to attend another type of screening called a slit lamp examination, a separate appointment will be made for you to attend this.

You will receive your results in the post. You will then discuss your results with your GP or Diabetes Care Specialist.

Your next invitation for screening or treatment will be sent out to you.

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