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The following links provide a selection of diary pages for documentation of Diabetes Medication and Blood Sugar Levels. These pages can then be printed out and completed to assess Diabetes control and assist with medication adjustment if required. It is always beneficial to take a record of your current blood sugar levels and diabetes treatment to any clinic visit.

Standard Diary Page

For individuals on diabetes tablets,insulin or both

Blood Glucose & Carbohydrate Diary Page

For individuals who are counting there carbohydrates and matching them to insulin dose, suchas the principles used in structured education courses eg DAFNE or TIM.

Blood Glucose & Insulin Diary Page

For individuals treated with Insulin Therapy.

Insulin Pump Diary Page

For individuals on Insulin Pump Therapy.

Food Diary Page

For individuals who would like to document the actual Carbohydrate foods they have counted at each meal. This can then be assessed for accuracy when attending appointment with diabetes specialist nurse and dietician.

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