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Symptoms of Diabetes

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The main symptoms of diabetes are

  • increased thirst
  • going to the toilet all the time - especially at night
  • extreme tiredness
  • weight loss
  • genital itching or regular episodes of thrush
  • blurred vision.

Type 2 diabetes develops slowly and the symptoms are usually less severe. Some people may not notice any symptoms at all and their diabetes is only picked up in a routine medical check up.

Some people may put the symptoms down to 'getting older' or 'overwork'.

Type 1 diabetes develops much more quickly, usually over a few weeks, and symptoms are normally very obvious. In both types of diabetes, the symptoms are quickly relieved once the diabetes is treated. Early treatment will also reduce the chances of developing serious health problems.

For a video on the symptoms and diagnosing diabetes check the Diagnosing Diabetes video

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