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Physical Activity

Physical activity can take several forms...

Physical activity is any activity that makes our heart beat faster than when we are resting. When some people think about physical activity they think of how hard it was the last time they ran for a bus or how they used to feel playing sports or PE at school. While some people really like expending this kind of effort (and even enjoy it!), a lot of people are put off by thinking that physical activity means getting sweaty and working hard.

The kind of effort involved in sports such as hockey or football or the effort involved in running for the bus is not required to gain the health benefits. Instead we should feel invigorated by our activity rather than tired by it!

Here are some examples of different types of physical activities that if done regularly could help you to meet the current physical activity guidelines for people with Type 2 diabetes:

  • Swimming
  • Gardening
  • Taking the stairs
  • Doing house work
  • Dancing
  • Walking

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