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My Diabetes My Way: April 2018 Update

Welcome to the My Diabetes My Way Newsletter for April 2018.

Insulin Safety Week 2018
The dates for first ever national Insulin Safety Week have been announced for 14th–20th May 2018. The campaign, being rolled out across the UK and Ireland, builds on interest generated by successful local campaigns across the country. Follow the links below to learn more about insulin, its mode of action and refresh your memory on safe use:

Insulin Safety Week: 

Insulin Information: 

Keeping Safe with Insulin Therapy: 


Diabetes and Ramadan
Ramadan 2018 will begin on the evening of Tuesday 15 May and ends on the evening of Thursday 14 June. If you decide to fast during the month of Ramadan and you use insulin or tablets for diabetes treatment, it is advised you seek advice from your health care team.  Some useful information to help prevent hypo (low) or hyper (high) glycaemia (glucose in the blood) is available via the links below.

MDMW Medication Information: 


Ramadan and Diabetes:


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Thank you for your continued support.

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