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My Diabetes My Way: February 2019 Update

Welcome to the My Diabetes My Way Newsletter for February 2019.

New Driving Guidance for People Using Flash and Continuous Glucose Monitoring
The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) have issued new guidance that came into effect on 15th February. People with diabetes can now check their glucose (sugar) levels using flash glucose monitoring and continuous glucose monitoring, rather than requiring a finger-prick test: 



Smoking and Diabetes

13th March 2019 is National No Smoking Day and this may be the ideal time to quit if you are currently a smoker. Even if you do not have diabetes, smoking increases your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. Smoking narrows your blood vessels, and healthy blood vessels are very important for people with diabetes. There are numerous resources available for further reading which provide support in taking the next steps to a healthier future. Phone “Quit Your Way Scotland” on 0800 848484 or see the following links: 


My Diabetes My Way Mobile App
The My Diabetes My Way mobile app is available to download onto iOS and Android devices. The app will allow you to view and manage your diabetes data from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. This means you can review and contribute to your diabetes information both while offline or on the go. For more information, see the My Diabetes My Way App Set-up Guide.


My Diabetes My Way Support
If you are having problems logging in to My Diabetes My Way, or are new to the service and would like an update on the status of your registration, you can contact our support team by email at 


Thank you for your continued support.

The mydiabetes*myway team

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