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My Diabetes My Way: April 2019 Update

Welcome to the My Diabetes My Way Newsletter for April 2019.


National Neuropathy Awareness Week

May 6th is the start of National Neuropathy Awareness Week. Peripheral neuropathy happens as a result of damage to your nerves and often causes weakness, numbness and pain, usually in your hands and feet.

My Diabetes My Way aims to promote awareness and inform you about:
?how to test for neuropathy
how to prevent neuropathy developing
how to recognise different types of neuropathy

My Diabetes My Way can help increase your knowledge of neuropathy, preparing you for your annual clinic review with your diabetes team.


Use My Diabetes My Way to:
?Access the interactive website and mobile app
Sign up to access your medical records
Keep a track of your results
Make sure your screening tests are up to date

This will help ensure your visit with your diabetes team is effective. If you have any concerns regarding symptoms of neuropathy, these can be addressed by your health care team. 

To test for signs of neuropathy at home, try the touch the toes test: 


To understand more about neuropathy, see the following links: 


Diabetes and Ramadan

Ramadan 2019 will begin on the evening of Sunday 5th May and ends on the evening of Tuesday 4th June. If you decide to fast during the month of Ramadan and you use insulin or tablets for diabetes treatment, it is advised you seek advice from your health care team, due to the long hours of daylight in summer months.  Some useful information to help prevent hypo (low) or hyper (high) glycaemia (glucose in the blood) is available via the links below.

MDMW Medication Information: 




Ramadan and Diabetes: 


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My Diabetes My Way Support
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Thank you for your continued support.

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