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My Diabetes My Way: April 2016 Update

Welcome to the My Diabetes My Way April 2016 Newsletter.

Check Your Address!

It is extremely important that your NHS service providers are aware of your current permanent address at all times. Not only is this required for verifying your details when you register for My Diabetes My Way, but several services rely on it. For example, your eye screening and clinic appointment letters are currently posted to your address via traditional mail. If you have moved house, you may not receive these letters and miss important screenings and measurements.

Please make sure that you keep your GP informed of any change in your address and this information will be shared with services that are relevant to your care. You can check the address that the NHS currently holds for you by logging in to My Diabetes My Way.

Your Data Summaries

My Diabetes My Way contains several reports allowing you to view, print and save summaries of your diabetes data. The aim of these reports are to help you understand how your results are changing, where results are overdue and to provide an overview of your data. These include:

Trends Summary - This report gives an overview of how your results are changing over time. It will tell you whether your results are improving, deteriorating or staying the same and will also give you advice on what you can do next.

Care Measures Summary - The report shows a checklist covering the key areas of care you should expect to receive each year. You can use this list to follow-up missing tests with your healthcare team and to make sure you're getting all the care you need.

My Clinical Information Summary - This report shows your latest key results alongside graphs to see changes recorded over time.

My Home Recordings Summary - This report shows a summary of home-recorded results you have added to My Diabetes My Way. This may be useful for discussion with members of your healthcare team.

You can find these summary reports by logging in to your record and clicking "my summaries". More information can be found in a section of the following video user guide:

User Support

Following recent discussions with patient representatives, we are aware that some users of My Diabetes My Way may wish to obtain phone support in order to help them gain (or regain) access to their records. While My Diabetes My Way does not have the resources to operate a dedicated phone line, we are happy to arrange to phone you to talk through issues. If you wish to arrange a call, please email us on with your contact phone number and a suitable time for us to phone you within office hours (9am to 5pm).

Thank you for your support.

The mydiabetes*myway team

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