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My Diabetes My Way: June 2016 Update

Welcome to the My Diabetes My Way June 2016 Newsletter.


As we are now in to the holiday season, please remember that My Diabetes My Way has a large information section regarding diabetes and travel. It includes advice on journey planning, travelling with insulin, managing your medication across time zones and looking after your feet, etc. You can find these information leaflets on the following page:

Diabetes and Ramadan

Ramadan is the Holy Month for Muslims - a time of worship, self-discipline, austerity and charity. Fasting is necessary for all healthy adult Muslims, with nothing being consumed between dawn and sunset. Having diabetes does not mean you cannot fast, but the following information gives you guidelines on fasting safely. If you use insulin or tablets that can cause low blood sugar, you should discuss treatment adjustments with your health care team:

The following link shows the Ramadan timetable for 2016:

Diabetes Week 2016

This week (12-18 June) is "Diabetes Week" for the charity Diabetes UK. It is a highlight of the Diabetes UK calendar and a time when they bring their supporters together to raise awareness of the condition. You can find out more about Diabetes Week here:

Thank you for your continued support.

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