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Adopting a healthier lifestyle

This video gives advice and recommendations for people with type 2 diabetes on how to have a healthier lifestyle.

Holidays and Diabetes

This video gives advice for people with type 2 diabetes when they are travelling.

Smoking and Diabetes

This video explains the effect that smoking has on your diabetes.


Travel plans

Some useful information on the documentation you will need when travelling.

Getting There

Things to consider during a journey if you are traveling with insulin.

Keeping Well When Away

Some advice on how to keep your health in check while you are away.

Time zones and insulin

Advice on how to manage your insulin while travelling across time zones.

Managing Diabetes at a Music Festival

This leaflet gives advice on how to look after your diabetes at a music festival while still having a good time.

Medical Rules for Driving

A guide for drivers with diabetes treated by tablets and or diet.


This leaflet explains what you need to know about Ramadan as someone with diabetes. It covers suggestions for people controlling their diabetes by diet and exercise, diet, exercise and tablets, and insulin (with or without tablets).

Diabetes and menopause

This resource will explain some of the affects diabetes can have in relation to menopause.


This page explains how diabetes might effect your employment, including occupations not available for people taking insulin.

Employer tips #TypeUncut

Diabetes doesn’t stop us from being successful in the workplace and getting the jobs we want.. but how much does your employer understand about your Type 1? The #type1uncut team share some of their advice for employers

Diabetes and Travel

This leaflet provides information on managing your diabetes during travel.

Do I need to lose weight?

This page describes the main ways we use to measure your weight: BMI and waist circumference. These can let you know if you are underweight, a healthy weight, or overweight and the impact this can have on your health.

Importance of weight management

This leaflet discusses the health implications that obesity can cause, as well as the benefits of losing weight if you are overweight.

What can I do to lose weight?

This leaflet discusses strategies for weight loss, including different eating and menu plans.

Preparing to travel

A checklist to help prepare for a journey or holiday.

Diabetes and menopause

This leaflet talks about managing your diabetes during menopause and provides information links to other useful resources.

Driving and diabetes

This resource provides information on diabetes and driving.

Driving and diabetes (healthcare professional guidance)

This is a resource for healthcare professionals when assessing drivers with diabetes.