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Diabetes Foot Screening and Foot Care

In this video you will learn about foot risk assessments which you should receive annually, and how you can look after your feet every day.

Diabetes and Feet

This video explains the processes which result in the development of diabetes related foot disease.


Charcot foot

Useful Diabetes information and advice leaflet from the Foot Action Group for patients with Charcot foot.

Foot care advice

This leaflet explains the importance of foot care for people with diabetes. It provides a comprehensive list of do's and dont's. It also provides practical advice to consider when buying new shoes.

Footcare Advice: Low, Medium and High Risk

Some useful advice to help you to after your feet.

Footwear advice

This leaflet gives you advice about wearing the most appropriate shoes, taking into account the shape of your feet and your diabetes.

Holiday feet

This leaflet contains advice to help you to care for your feet yourself while enjoying your holiday.

Looking after your diabetic foot ulcer

This leaflet gives advice on how to look after a diabetic foot ulcer.


This leaflet explains the risks of neuropathy.

Ten Steps Towards to Healthy Feet

Diabetes UK have produced this leaflet to let you know the best ways to take care of your feet. Take the first step towards healthy feet for life by Putting Your Feet First.

What to Expect at your Annual Foot Check

This leaflet lets you know what to expect at your annual diabetes foot check.

Touch the Toes Test

This leaflet explains the touch the toes test. The touch the toes test is quick and easy, designed to assess sensitivity in your feet, and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

High risk foot care advice

An information leaflet for patients with high risk feet.

Low risk foot care advice

An information leaflet for patients with low risk feet.

Moderate risk foot care advice

An information leaflet for patients with medium risk feet.